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Victorian Renovation, Full Basement & Swimming Pool, Tunbridge Wells TN2
Tunbridge Wells TN2
Open Architecture
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Complex basement Works

This Victorian property needed some attention. The project required renovation works to the existing Victorian structure, consisting of walls to be removed and other small changes all of which were minor and not too onerous.

Construction of the pool

The real challenge was the construction of the pool in a basement under the garden, along with a basement under the main house. Retaining walls were built under the main house using underpinning technology. This is safe but does take time. For the garden pool a faster method of preformed shuttering was employed that allowed for longer wall sections to be cast.

Skilled temporary work engineers

Croft worked closely with the contractor on the temporary works and how best to build the Proposals. We have skilled engineers certified as Temporary Works Supervisors and Temporary Works Co-ordinators.

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