Expanding Downwards

Residential Renovation and Basement, Wandsworth, SW18
Wandsworth, SW18
Refurbishments & Renovations
Indigo Blue Works
Contract Value

Transformative Basement Design

This property in Wandsworth had already been altered at roof and at ground level by the time Croft were appointed. To increase the habitable space, Croft designed a basement below the footprint of the original building which also extends below a more recently constructed rear extension

Innovative Structural Solution

Croft’s structural design involved a series of steel beams to transfer the weight of the existing structure to a new reinforced concrete basement shell. This meant that there was minimal interruption with the use of the existing structure. Together with Advantage Basements, Croft proposed a construction method that allowed the basement to be constructed with minimal disturbance.

Lightwell Innovation

Thanks to lightwells at the front and the rear, the resulting design allows the building owners to occupy the basement without experiencing the enclosed feeling often related with being below ground level.

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