In at the Deep End

Swimming Pool, Notting Hill, London W11
Notting Hill, London W11
Structural Repairs
Private Client
Contract Value

Safety first

The corroded section of the swimming pool stairs was found on Christmas Eve, due to the severity Croft sent a Chartered Engineer out the same day. The hole through the primary steel support covered a third of the diameter of the tube. The decision was made to close the stairs for public safety.

Visual and test findings

Croft had concerns that other areas may also be corroding and that the steelwork might have been from a defective batch. Testing was undertaken in the form of ultrasound to determine the thickness of the steel. Corroded sections would show as thicker. X-ray testing of welds were completed to ensure the connections were acceptable. Small cores taken were tested in the laboratory to confirm their composition

Croft's recommendations saved time

Croft gave the client the steelwork design required and utilising our extensive contacts recommended someone suitable who undertook the work. Croft's quick response and recommendation meant that the client was able to complete the repair works without too much disruption.

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