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Residential Structural Repairs & Renovation, Huddersfield HD4
Huddersfield HD4
Structural Repairs
Kristi Roger Architects
Contract Value

Developing an Old Mill

"Croft is a London based firm willing to undertake projects throughout the UK. Our client a developer whom we had worked with on several other projects, had acquired an old mill building and renovated the property into 39 flats in Huddersfield. "

Historic structure knowledge

Croft had the historic structure knowledge to complete the renovation works. The mill had been designed for high loads, but it was not suitably tied together for a current flat development. To meet current codes remedial works were put in place to strengthen the building.


Flats were designed and built after strengthening the original Mill structure.

Civil Works - Retaining Wall

To create adequate parking for the new flats a car park was required. A large retaining wall suitable to meet highway designs was designed and constructed around the edge of the car park.

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