Party Zone

Summer House and Garage extension, Wandsworth, SW18
Routh Road, Wansworth, SW18
Refurbishments & Renovations
Quartet Architecture
Contract Value

New Layout

A new family summer house to act as a party zone including a bar, gym and a quiet place to read in the summer. The garage needed to be a clear space to keep a collector’s car which connected to the summer house with a glazed wall.

Garden summer house-Wandsworth, SW18
Garden summer house-Wandsworth, SW18

An economical design

Croft’s expertise on ground conditions meant that a piled raft was designed to ensure that the total superstructure load was not going to be affected by the roots of nearby mature beech trees. For an economical design, it is necessary to understand the factors controlling the raft thickness and number of piles. Croft carried out a finite element analysis for piled rafts in cohesive soils. The loads of the new cavity walls of the proposed extension are mainly on the edge of the raft. The piles are then located below the edge of the raft. Croft carried out periodical site visits at different phases of the project to check pile locations and raft reinforcement. To check the adequacy of the concrete strength poured on site Croft checked the cube testing results.

Garden summer house-Wandsworth, SW18
Garden summer house-Wandsworth, SW18

Technical Skills

Revit was used to incorporate the structural design into the architectural layout to guarantee an effective collaboration between the different teams working on the project. The new summer house is a fantastic family and entertaining space opening out onto the garden.

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