London Villa

New extension and substantial basement,Kensington,London, W14
Kensington, London W14
Intelitrade Developments
Contract Value

Remodelling and Basement

A six-storey detached villa in Holland Park. Croft collaborated with Intelitrade Development on the design of the new basement including a complete refurbishment of the upper floors.

Extending into rear garden

The main challenges we encountered were below ground with a full footprint basement extending into the rear garden. The removal of a large section of the flank and rear walls required the design of a suitable stability frames.


A new basement was inserted 33m long x 16m wide x4m deep

Monitoring the build

Croft were involved in supervision of the works by contractors to ensure that the works were carried out according to the design. We reviewed the monitoring reports and gave advice to ensure that the basement construction did not affect the neighbouring buildings and the property.

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