Living through a build

Conversion, BR2
Keston, Kent BR2
Refurbishments & Renovations
Open Architecture
Contract Value

Two phase build

A substantial renovation and enlargement of the existing property was undertaken. Due to the size of the project it was completed in two phases, allowing the owner and his family to live in the first phase while the second phase was being completed

Challenging works

The works required many different alterations to the property, but structurally the most challenging was the new kitchen. A clear span open spaced room, 13m x 9m, was required to be inserted into the rear of the house. The rear corner of the house was to be propped and steelwork inserted to achieve this open space.

Control of deflections and movement

The main concern was the control of deflections and movement to prevent cracking to the above floors. Croft Structural & Civil proposed an innovative jacking system that loaded the steel frame. This allowed the weight of the building to be transferred onto the steelwork without cracking the masonry.

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