Abbotsbury, Holland Park W14

Abbotsbury, Holland Park W14

Abbotsbury, Holland Park W14

This property is set in a wonderful private estate in Holland Park. Croft Structural Engineers provide basement design that extended out under the garden.

Croft began on this project by providing Kensington and Chelsea Structural Basement Impact Assessment for Planning. Once helping the client through the planning process we continued through to design and construction. Following the developers requested, we have provided an option for the future purchasers to buy collateral Warranties.

Roof loads to gardens areas are high at around 1.5tonnes/m2. Loadings of such levels are typically only seen in industrial factories. The design therefore has to be carefully provided.

Croft Structural Engineers has developed a way to support the high loads, maximise space by underpinning the garden walls and also keep neighbours happy by keeping garden walls in place.

To achieve the increase space there was a need to “tussle” with the neighbours party wall surveyors. After a few rounds of alterations and discussions common ground was found that kept all parties happy. Croft Structural Engineers knowledge of the Party wall act helped smooth this process.

Many other engineers insist on underpinning and placing a box internally. This would loose considerable space and a reduced sale price. By employing Croft Structural Engineers the client was able to maximises the area available and increase the resale of the property.

To the house above ground the building was renovated with the ground floor being opened up to allow amazing views into the garden.

“We have been involved in a number of basement and super structure projects with Croft Structural Engineers. We have always found them to be very competent, conscientious and their designs have always been practical to construct regardless of the constraints."

Fursey Costello Director

Architect: Steve Jackson Design

Contractor: Bomatic Limited

Basement Contractor: Noble Structures