Keeping up the Façade

Temporary Works, Pembridge Place, London W2
London W2
Temporary Works
London Basements
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Planning Constraints

This project required a similar design to Victoria Road with a deep basement under the building. The existing internal layouts were significantly different from the proposed which meant that the entire building had to be rebuilt. Planning constraints were to keep the front façade.

Keeping up the front

Croft's brief was to devise the method of keeping the old Victorian front façade and place a new basement 2 storeys underneath it.

"The basic approach was to; "

"Place secant piled wall around the entire perimeter Place temporary piles internally for the façade tower Underpin the garden walls. Cast a temporary slab for the façade retention tower Fix façade retention steelwork Demolish the internal walls and external walls to the rear and the internal floors. A second round of piles for a temporary slab support Cast a pynford beam under the walls to be retained Cast the remaining slab Excavate out under the new slab and construct a lower ground floor Excavate out on the basement level and cast the basement Cast new columns Remove temporary piles Construct superstructure Remove façade retention"

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