3D Temporary Works

Superstructure Temporary Works, Victoria Road, London W8
Victoria Road, London W8
Temporary Works
London Basements
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Support is Crucial

Croft provided the ground works and superstructure temporary works design. The project required the old Victorian property to be refurbished and a new basement 7m deep to be placed around the entire site.

To achieve this Croft provided:

"Temporary works scheme in 3D to highlight how the building was to be constructed in sequence. Around the perimeter a 20m secant piled wall was used. To minimise movement to the piles lateral propping is paced around the building. The water table was high and the secant piled wall did a good job of holding most of the water out. It was not possible to pile along the party wall line. To prevent the water ingressing along the party wall line hydrophilic grout injection was used. With piling rigs on site we utilised them to place temporary piles inside the building. These temporary piles were then used to support the superstructure off concrete beams."


deep secant piling formed a reinforced concrete box around the perimeter of the building. The area inside the piled wall can be safely excavated.

Our expertise speaks for itself

The level of work and design required for the temporary works design is typically more than needed for the permanent structure. Croft has engineers who have had formal temporary works design training for ground works and superstructure alterations.

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