Historic Regents Canal

Survey & Soil Investigation, Primrose Hill, London NW1
Primrose Hill, London NW1
Survey Work
King Conroy
Contract Value

Determine Building Defects

This historic Victorian building was suffering from movement and water ingress. There were significant cracks which one could place one’s hand into. A ground investigation was undertaken which indicated that the building was sitting on 5m of fill.

Dumping Ground

Located on the other side of the road is Regents Canal. It is our opinion that the spoil from the canal was dumped on either side of the old works. The roads and buildings were then constructed sitting on this spoil from the canal construction. Over time the spoil settled under the weight of the building and cracks opened up in the building.


15 Metres below the building was old soil that had been built up over time. Soil is variable at the best of times, but this soil was full of soft and hard stops which had resulted in the building sitting on some hard areas and cracking on the soft.

An holistic approach

The investigations enabled Croft Structural + Civil to provide the best structural design for the renovation and basement works. We had to consider a number of complex issues including to stabilise the road and prevent it from collapsing into the excavation during the works.

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