Steel Standing

Structural Survey in Croydon CR0
Croydon CR0
Survey Work
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BISF problems

The problem with these buildings is the steel works are only painted with a protective covering which gives between 15 to 20 years protective covering if there is any water penetration through the external covering the steel work corrodes and the areas cannot be seen because they are hidden.

Survey Investigation

A visual appraisal of the property was carried out on the significance in structural terms of any major cracks or distortions, to confirm that no corrosion was present. A large majority of the cladding would have to be removed to expose the base steelwork. Also carbonation and half cell tests would have to be carried out on the render areas.

Visual Findings

The current suggestion was to re-paint and re-clad any areas of the building to ensure water ingress is prevented from entering the building. If water does not enter the building then there is a chance of corrosion to the steel frame.

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