Penthouse with A View

Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W
Buckingham Palace Road, City of London SW1W
Survey Work
King Conroy
Contract Value

Historic Archives

Croft Civil + Structural completed an extensive survey of the existing building and historic archives to determine the existing structural layout. With a high rise building of this type, the main concern is how the building will react if a gas or other explosions that would occur. Considering the location adjacent to Buckingham Palace Mews, the risk of a terrorist attack is elevated.


"Croft has good experience of these types of buildings and how to increase their resistance to explosion. With a historic building it is not possible to increase the whole building without significant retrofitting of all floors. As they were occupied this was not an option. Croft were able to propose a viable scheme to deal with the issues of terrorist explosion and access to this inner city site. "


Additional penthouses in a prime central London location, which Croft went on to complete the structural design for.

Designed to withstand time

"Croft successfully proposed a modular design for ease of access to the site and around the top of the building a reinforced concrete beam was cast behind the parapet directly above the steel frame. In an explosion the ring beam is designed to carry the loads from the new penthouses away from the affected area. We worked with all parties to ensure the building design correctly complied with all regulations."

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