Steel Framed Buildings

Steel Framed Defects Survey, London E14
Billingsgate Market, London, E14
Survey Work
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Suspended Ceiling Survey

Steel framed buildings can suffer from defects leading from moisture causing rusting of the steelwork elements. At a certain point, the steelwork will start to lose some of its cross sectional area. One of the things we can survey is the ability of the steel to keep acting in the manner it was designed for.

Confined Spaces

At Billingsgate Fish market we conducted a survey on the roof over part of the market. The survey was carried out in a confined space, so we used our training in confined spaces surveying to decide on the extent of corrosion. We were also able to use our in-house software to run a finite element analysis on the steel sections.


A sustainable approach was taken when undertaking the repair details. 70% of the existing steel was saved and and 30% repaired + replaced due to Croft's detailed steel analysis.

Increasing the structures life span

We have completed a number of site visits since 2018 to assess the steel structure and increase its lifespan.

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