New build Residential Units, Bronlei Woods, Bramley, Surrey GU5

New build Residential Units, Bronlei Woods, Bramley, Surrey GU5

New build Residential Units, Bronlei Woods, Bramley, Surrey GU5


This project won the Evening Standard Property New Homes Award for Best Family House in May 2015. 

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The project was also awarded Silver place in the What House Awards 2015 for Best New House.

Mike Cooper, the Architects, commented that he was pleased to win the award as it was judged by “other architects”.  He further stated “I believe clients are more into design and are better informed on what they want. Clients appreciate an intelligent design and are becoming more aware that the £1000 architect will not provide their dreams.” 

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A set of 4 large and modern semi-detached new build properties south of Guilford.

The buildings were inserted into a steep slope, meaning that two of the four stories were actually below ground level at the rear.  Croft Structural Engineers experience in reinforced concrete design ensured that the engineering challenge of retaining 7m of soil and the rest of the hillside behind was met.

Due to tight height restrictions, we were able to minimize the structure required to gain valuable extra inches in each level of the houses.

We also used our knowledge of construction techniques to help the Contractor make decisions on the best method of construction where the narrow gaps on the party walls.

Once the Foundations were in place our thoughts turned to the superstructure. On this property there are two main areas. The Carpark and garden, and the houses.

The houses were built out of timber frame. They were constructed off site and prefabricated to reduce the construction time on site. 

The Garden and carpark area was constructed of a steel frame with concrete decks cast on metal formwork.

To the front of the garden where the building meets the forest stone gabions were used. These provided a good transition from the madn made area to the natural. They also provide a different feel and look to the garage.

Contract Value: £ 1.2 m

Developer: City Interiors

Architect: MC2 Designs