Colegrove Road, Peckham SE5

Colegrove Road, Peckham SE5

Colegrove Road, Peckham SE5

A 5 storey concrete framed building was required to infill a very tight site between two existing buildings. The final development would contain 3 duplex flats.

The site dictated several of the decisions on the site. With flats either side, placing foundations lower than adjacent footings would have required Party Wall notices. With over 15 flats this would have been an expensive option, in excess of £25,000. Croft Structural Engineers Ltd therefore designed a stiff concrete raft across the site to transfer the loads evenly from above, onto the good gravels under.

The shape of the site was not square in any corner. Therefore concrete was used as it allowed the setting out to be less precise and follow the shape of the site.

Croft Structural Engineers Ltd employed “heavy” analytical design techniques to minimise the depth of floor slabs. Croft continually invests in up-to-date software to provide a positive learning environment for all our engineers.

Contract Value: £320,000

Type: Concrete Frame

Client: Private Developer

Architect: Brownacre