Bellview Road Wandsworth SW17

Bellview Road Wandsworth SW17

Bellview Road Wandsworth SW17

Croft Structural Engineers were brought on late to this project as the previous engineers performance was below par. The Party Wall Surveyor had recommended Croft, as he knew that we had the skills and aptitude to see the project through.

The project had the difficulties that Croft Structural Engineers is so good at working with; very tight access, close proximity to neighbouring structures and the clients wish for large open plan living areas. All problems to which Croft are confident about encompassing and providing solutions for.

To cope with the large open plan spaces a steel frame was utilised, to improve the quality of the build and sound transfer concrete floors were inserted. This project took the ideas and concepts normally found in large office developments and tailored them to suit this domestic project. It would have been ill advised to employ a smaller less skilled consultancy to provide the correct solution for this project.

The real benefit to employing Croft Structural Engineers came during the works. The engineer made an impromptu site visit while the foundations were being poured. The contractor had all the correct paper work in place for the footings, but the engineer had a bad feeling about the workmanship; the concrete just didn't seem right as it was poured. Testing was undertaken and this confirmed that the supplier had only added 5% of the required cement. If the engineer had not picked this up the entire project would have cracked and settled.

Remember not all engineers are the same; Croft Structural Engineers has the skills, experience and knowledge not found in other consultancies.

Contract Value: £900,000

Architect: 1st Architects lse