Tudor Road, Hackney E9

Tudor Road, Hackney E9

Tudor Road, Hackney E9

The site had undergone a recent misfortune, resulting in the collapse of the original warehouse due to a fire. The owner wished to rebuild the warehouse on the site with the funds received from the insurance.

Croft Structural Engineers Ltd had two roles:

  1. To complete a fire design survey to determine which structural elements had been damaged, and which were still acceptable for structural use.
  2. To complete the new design of the warehouse under a Design and Build contract with novation to the contractor.

The design was not grand, but with our advanced computer software we minimised the over weight of steelwork to reduce the build cost on the project.

Contract Value: £200,000

Type: Steel frame 

Client: Private owner

Architect: Lawton Duffy

Contractor: Haven