Mantilla Road, Wandsworth SW17

Mantilla Road, Wandsworth SW17

Mantilla Road, Wandsworth SW17

A New Build House comprising 3 flats over two floors forming a multi occupancy dwelling.

The project required a basement to be formed on a tight site. The typical construction method is to form a piled box and then a concrete box inside. This technique would have reduced the size of the flats and reduced the development from 3 flats to 2 flats.

Croft Structural Engineers came up with an innovative construction sequence. We constructed the basement by segmental forming walls 1m deep around the building. Once the first ring was cast the next section was excavated. The basement was built top down.

We helped explain the work in simple drawings. This helped to reduce questions from neighbouring party wall surveyors and reduce errors on site.

By using our skill, 3 flats were built to the required footprint. Not all engineers are the same; at Croft we add value to your projects.

The upper storey of the project was completed in a light weight timber frame.

Contract Value:  £270,000

Architect:  Skyline Design