Basement & Victorian Refurbishment Leppoc Road, SW4

Basement & Victorian Refurbishment Leppoc Road, SW4

Basement & Victorian Refurbishment Leppoc Road, SW4

This lovely project took a Victorian terrace property and renovated the building:  A New loft extension to the second floor, a rear extension and a basement.

Croft was ideally placed with it local Abbeville and Clapham knowledge, its expertise in historic building and specialism in basements to help on this project.  The basement

The structural design was well with the practice’s skill set and was provided with little fuss.  The schemes were provided, discussions were had with the client and minor amendments made to suit the architecture, and party wall awards were obtained. 

The Photos show that a nice renovation was achieved by the client.

What made this project stand out was the construction period.  We were not employed to undertake site visits but as the Director was passing he decided to pop in unannounced.  What he found was alarming. 

Croft had provided a detailed method of how to safely construct the basement, this was clearing not being followed.  Down the centre of the house a trench had been dug, out of which a spade could be seen appearing with soil.  On closer inspection there was a second deeper trench with another worker shovelling away to the first chap.  There was no propping nor to prevent the soil collapsing on the poor souls in the trench.  They had dug deep enough that the neighbours’ walls were undermined.  The Director’s first concern was for the workers’ safety and then adjacent buildings.

A discussion was had with the site staff, who worryingly oblivious to the risk they were in.  Once it had been explained to them , along with the danger they were in and how they should proceed the site proceeded safely.

Because of Croft having numerous engineers in areas of London we are able to undertake stop checks on sites.  If it had not been for this the building may have collapsed. 

Architect: Indigo Blue Works Ltd