Basement + Swimming pool, Hampstead, Hampstead Gardens, N2

Basement + Swimming pool, Hampstead, Hampstead Gardens, N2

Basement + Swimming pool, Hampstead, Hampstead Gardens, N2

Croft were involved in this project for 4.5 years; we started with planning information, then took the project through design, costing, cost engineering, detailed design and site construction.

The property is situated in the Hampstead Garden Suburb.  At the start of this project the Garden Suburb required a Basement Impact Assessment and a checking engineer to approve the design.  The suburbs engineer required convincing that the basement could be built under the house, as is clear from the photos it could and was.

Following planning Croft worked with the Architects, Basement Design Studio, to provide the detailed design of the basement.  At over 5.1m (over 15’) deep, technically the project was challenging for a domestic house.  The family remained in the house for all of the construction.

The sequencing and temporary works was important.  With the family living upstairs every precaution was put into place to prevent movement during the works.  Croft provided the sequencing of the design and how the basement was to be inserted step by step under the building.  We design the temporary works to prop the building as the construction progresses bit by bit under the building.  London Basement did a marvellous job during the construction.

With basements it is common for neighbours to become nervous.  The Party Wall Act is their to help a formal process of the neighbours talking to one another.  On this project Croft had 3 different checking engineers employed by the neighbours.  We worked through their questions (which often felt more like we were teaching them).  During the works the buildings were monitored and no movement was noted.

Good  methods, well thought through temporary works, permanent designs that account for flexing and moving of the building above , and a top notch contractor results in a firm stable family home.

Architect: Basement Design Studio
Basement Contractor: London Basements
Contract Value: £2,000,000