Apartments, Perry Hill, Sydenham SW16

Apartments, Perry Hill, Sydenham SW16

Apartments, Perry Hill, Sydenham SW16

The site housed an existing Victorian pub. This was converted into apartments. To the side of the property and rear a new build development maximised the potential of the site. Further apartments we constructed on the site.

Croft Structural Engineers used its knowledge of old buildings to sympathetically renovate the existing building and merge the new builds into the existing.

To the rear and side of the property new build apartments were constructed. The New builds were constructed in a traditional manner with Load bearing masonry walls and concrete metal deck floors. The Metal decks allowed for the floor to be constructed quickly; the decks act as both the reinforcement to the slab and also the temporary support to the concrete when it is wet. The final solution is a composite concrete floor with great sound and thermal resistance.

On top of the original public house a new floor was added with the inclusion of a mansard. To form the sloped walls and roof a steel frame support a timber carcass.

To increase the space available to the commercial area the basement was enlarged and deepened. The foundation around the perimeter of the property were underpinned.

The client was very happy with the service provided by Croft Structural Engineers and has used us on numerous projects. He has dropped his old engineer in favour of the better service we provided.

Contract Value:  £1,100,000

Architect:  Esatto Design

Contractor: BSF Contracts